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JTSO Authorisations

JTSO Authorisations - Import

1.1 The JAA Procedures for Joint Technical Standard Order (JTSO) Authorisation purpose (see Administrative & Guidance Material, Section 3 - Certification, Part 2 - Procedures), describe the process for granting JTSO Authorisation for an article by a National Aviation Authority (NAA) of JAA. The process includes a standardisation mechanism, allowing mutual acceptance by all JAA-NAA of granted JTSO Authorisations.
1.2 When a NAA has issued a JTSO Authorisation in accordance with these Procedures, the JAA Certification Division publishes it in this document.
1.3 Some NAA may still have national administrative requirements with regard to the approval of equipments. See Paragraph 3, below.
1.4 A JTSO Authorisation does not cover the approval of the installation on an aircraft.  Any NAA being involved in the certification of a domestic product fitted with such articles may request any data about design and compliance demonstration.  It is the responsibility of the product or modification designer who specifies its use to ensure that it meets the relevant installation design requirements for the product.  Similarly, equipment required by JAR-OPS or other operational requirements to be installed or carried in an aircraft must be compatible with the intended operation of the aircraft.
2.1 Details of the JTSO Authorisations granted in accordance with JAR-21 Subpart O or Subpart N-O and the JAA Procedures for JTSO Authorisation, are provided per category of equipment.  First column contains names and addresses of JTSO Authorisation Holders, in alphabetical order.
2.2 The code of the approval reference number is the following:
[NAA designator].O.xxx  for JTSO Authorisation issued under JAR-21 Subpart O
[NAA designator].N-O.xxx  for JTSO Authorisation issued under JAR-21 Subpart N-O (Import)
2.3 The publication reflects the JTSO Authorisations granted at the date of website update, as far as JAA HQ has been made aware of.
4.0 Classification

The following headings/sub-headings are used for the register:

Auxiliary Power Units
Radio equipment Communication (VHF/HF/ELT)
Radio equipment Navigation
Radio equipment - Radar and Transponder
Radio equipment - Multisensorsystems
Flight and navigation instruments
Autoflight and control systems and instruments
Power plant instruments
Electrical systems equipment
Recording equipment contributing to accident/incident investigation
Warning systems (Ground proximity warning systems, Stormscopes)
Survival and safety equipment
Aircraft tires, wheels and brakes
Pallets, containers, tie-down equipment
Safety belts, Seats and berths
Any other articles
4.1 JTSO Authorisations
4.2 JTSO Authorisations - Import